Wednesday, 1 October 2008

White santan

Rosa Gabi-gabi

Extra small chili of the Philippines and very spicy. Sili in filipino words.

White santan

Another Mayana plant but gives nice tiny flowers. I am not so sure if this is really Mayana as they said Mayana.

Another magic flower, but has double petals.

They called this Kumintang. Kumintang flowers but also as herbal. It used for diabetic. Many people believe this helps for diabetic problem. You drink this just like a tea but taste a bit bitter as they describe. Taste like Ampalaya.

Another photo of our beautiful orchid.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Another new picture taking of this lovely minni magic pop. It is because so beautiful I can't help not to take another one. They are so many and so lively, so fresh and so much flowers.

Gumamela is their name here or even called deep words of visaya is Antuwanga.

This is cute orchid flowers, with the color of purple and a little combination fo white on the side. But can be very dark purple with this flower when this orchid less expose to the sun.

Another nice colorful flower of Calachuchie is their name here. This has a big variety and grow like a tree. This is the new version of flower a dwarf calachuchie.

Nice noisy bird the Sea Eagle bird.
It's a nice bird, it keeps making sound with such a lovely voice.
On other part, he is a bit lonely for no companion. But this is just for rehab until it gets better they will release the bird back to sea side.

The mother and son monkey. Very agressive mother, and she has so cute son. Very nice to people and playful. Not afraid to human and has company to play with a dog. Pity that my picture I took with the dog was not so clear.

Our mini magic pop again I took a new picture because of this so lovely. I thought I should take new one and send to my blog so can show the newest flower and so much of them. I love this flower so cute and so much.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008

This flower is like a paper kite. I really like this flower is quite unique. I am still wonder what is the name of this plant and the origin. This is coming from the forest here that one of our friend had took it and give us one. It has tiny flowers as you can see. I called this one "funny kite".
My mini magic flower is flowering again and so much of it. So I take new ones. So lovely to look at this closely, so cute and it's like tiny lamp.
This is "mayana" we called it here, also called as herbal medicinal plant. There are many kinds of variety of this plants. This is just one of it.
One of the unique and colorful leaves of bougenville. This is just new plant so I keep this in the shadow for now otherwise this will go to the rest of my bougainville with all different kinds of colors standing on top of fence. I have several kinds of bougainville. As shown on this picture the flower has single petal only. The others has several numbers of petals (they called it here, doble-doble, means double). Many people here create their own way of fertilize the plants like "urea". Funny and unique about it is, they use their own urea. How I called "morning piss!!!" they mixed it with water a value of one hink. Way of minimize the cost instead of buying. I try to make some compost here, all waste leaves and wild plants they dig up I put it all together and cover with plastic and mix some soil and left overs from cutting woods. Does it work? Bougainville loves it and flowering so nicely.
Here are some vougainville standing just one part. Most of this stand on pots. If you plant this on soil they will love it and grow big and become mini tree. Many people like it to put on pots easy to control the size and they love to change places to display their lovely flowers.

Monday, 8 September 2008

Morning Glory flower it has two variety yellow and white. I have here at home is the yellow version.

Big Magic Pop. This flower has big long leaves and once a year to show the flower.
This flower called Mini Magic Pop. I don't know for sure the relation a picture above. This is a bush type plants. This flower reminds me in Sweden in Ikea has a copy of the lamp display. The leaves of this plants it close at night.


This fish is Pangasius. Originally come from Vietnam. This is the site I found. I will try to grow this fish, cat fish, Tilapia and Carp. This fish pangasius was taken to the one producer here in Mindanao and expert for Aquafish culture. We went there to learn and listen to his discussion.

My goat. The care taker was tied my goat because he was afraid it will run away. Poor thing. This time my goats are sick. We give them injection for medicine but 6 of them did not survive. They got a cold and I find out goats are very sensitive once it gets a cold. It has been raining here, sunny whole morning and very warm day, then suddenly in the afternoon will start pouring rain. Half of my goats are fine now, and 3 pregnants. I hope they will do fine. Julia loves to take care once the young one is born. Well, after few months only when it is separated from the mother.